The Filmmakers

Anne-Katrine Hansen is a Danish documentary filmmaker and visual anthropologist. She is interested in how people acquire and express knowledge and make meaning of their experiences. Her films often explore the sensory realms, with special attention to sound. She holds a MA in visual anthropology from The University of Manchester, and in 2013-14 she was a fellow at the Collaborative Studio at UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art in New York. // FULL FILMOGRAPHY

Janna Kyllästinen is a Brooklyn based documentary filmmaker and editor originally from Helsinki, Finland. In her films she combines her desire to tell true stories with a distinct sensitivity for the psychological and the emotional. Editing for organizations such as Human Rights Watch, she continues to pursue her passion of using filmmaking as a catalyst for social change. She holds a Master’s degree in political history from the University of Helsinki, and was a fellow at the Union Docs documentary arts collaborative studio in 2013-2014. She is a co-founder of the Brooklyn-based non-fiction production company Awen Films//  FULL FILMOGRAPHY

Alexandra Lazarowich
is a Brooklyn based filmmaker and producer, originally from Canada. She makes films concerning the conditions of the lives of Aboriginal people in today’s world. With a background in history studies and being a descendant of the Cree people, she is currently researching a film about the effects of colonization on the Aboriginal people and their culture.


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